1. Sandals are undoubtedly more fashionable than shoes. They come in a myriad of styles, which seem to cover every reason and season possible without going out of style. Actually, popular sandal styles and designs remain long lasting fashion statements for many years.
  2. Wearing sandals guarantees you foot freedom and this is the reason why college students would die for their flip- flops and the same reason why beach goers do not wear tennis shoes. Sandals are a lifestyle that balances the good feeling of being nearly barefoot but having your shoes still on the feet.
  3. The comfort delivered by sandals is not comparable to that of shoes. In fact, many strongly believe that sandals are just feet extensions and make you feel extremely comfortable every time you are in them. This is a territory that shoes are yet to be able to enter.
  4. Sandals come with great health benefits. It is highly recommended by many podiatrists that you wear supportive sandals as they provide you feet with incredible health benefits. There are certain kinds of sandals, which work exactly like custom orthodontics and can promote the right posture of your feet.
  5. With sandals, the last thing, you need to worry about is fungus. This is because your feet remains cool and dry all the time. Sandals ensure that your feet are not able to harbor fungus and prevent fungal infections on foot before they can even take toll of your health.
  6. Sandals are also more affordable and this is of course one of the main reasons why most people opt for them over shoes. This can be explained by the fact that making of sandals requires less material which means fewer expenses are incurred in their manufacturing.
  7. The versatility of sandals cannot be beaten by any other kind of foot wear. Sandals are the most perfect option of footwear to wear to the poolside, backyard, at the beach and in other places that shoes are not welcome. Their versatility is one of the factors that make them fashionable footwear.
  8. Sandals promote balance and you shouldn’t be surprised to know why they are preferred for promoting and increasing balance. Yoga practitioners even recommend use of sandals that are single strapped between the toes for encouraging more balance when performing this art.
  9. Right from the historical times, sandals are the original form of footwear. They have been tested by time and have stood this test boldly than other forms of footwear. While tennis shoes have been with us for decades and boots for centuries, sandals on the other hand have been around for millenniums and this is something that can’t be taken for granted.
  10. Finally, sandals are a perfect way of expressing yourself. It is true that different kinds of shoes are use to make a fashion statement, but if you need to show off a funky and fun sense of spirit and style, you can only do this with sandals.