You might think that what harm could come if you ignore the floor and focus on other things, after all, who would glance at the floors. Well, that would be perhaps the most bizarre thought in the world.

Floors are indeed one of the most important parts in your house. People don’t stare at the floors. As a matter of fact, they marvel at its beauty. After all, they are going feel the surface with their skin first and then their eyes will find the interior decor of your home.

Floors can be covered with multifarious materials and sometimes, the use of the material depends upon the purpose of the room too. For example, if you are in a corporate office room, the floors are made from shiny, reflecting tiles while the ones in your mansion are made from wood generally.

So you see, choosing the material for a floor cover isn’t easy, especially when you are considering the cover to be nothing but tiles. Installation of the tiles can be infuriating, especially if you have a humongous floor area and the tile size is comparatively quite less.

It is for this reason and so many more, the large format tiles have gained so much of popularity  over the years. If you are having doubts over the utility of these large tiles, then here are some facts about them which will definitely clear your misconception.

  1. Your smaller room will look bigger

With the tiles being larger in the area, they will for sure make the rooms look bigger and wider. Both lengthwise and breadth-wise, you will have a larger looking room, much to everyone’s surprise.

  1. You will have fewer grout lines to look after

As you will require less number of tiles to cover the entire area due to the large size, you will have fewer grout lines. And eventually, the cleaning efforts will also reduce. Also, it will look more tempting with less number of boundary lines. Isn’t that amazing?

  1. Installation and fitting become easier

The large size of the tiles has made it easier for the installation firm to carry on with the installation job at ease. With fewer numbers of tiles, the work will be done at a faster rate. Not only this, you will have clean work because of the less number.

  1. Make your wall look like a seamless boundary

You can also use the large format tiles for your home to make your walls look bigger and seamless. Generally, it will fit perfectly in the bathrooms or in the master bedroom. However, make sure you are choosing the color wisely. You can choose the rectangular format tiles with large length and smaller breath to add more effect.

  1. You will add a sense of calmness and tranquillity

Now, as the tiles are larger in shape, the tile manufacturers usually avoid applying bold colors to them. Mostly you will get the color shades of nude and beige. Other than this, lighter and warm colors are infused with the tile material to create a look of tranquillity.

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